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Q1. During my stay in Yakushima, are there any food services available and do you offer any meal plans?

There are many supermarkets and restaurants within walking distance. You may choose to cook your own meals or even go out and enjoy Yakushima's delicacies!

Q2. Do you provide a free shuttle service?

Unfortunately, we do not have a shuttle service. If you are traveling by boat, it is a 10-minute walk from Miyanoura Port (Free from Kagoshima) or 40-min bus ride from Anbo port. If you are taking a flight. that is a 20-minute bus ride from Yakushima airport, and get off at Miyanoura Port bus stop, 5-minute walk to our hostel.



Q3. Can I use my mobile phone? Does the place offer Wi-Fi?

Yes! You may consider purchasing a prepaid SIM card (Docomo, AU, Softbank, etc.).

We have free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) in the lounge (70-80Mbqs) as well as in the rooms (40-50Mbqs).

Q4. Are there any convenience stores nearby?

There are no convenience stores in Yakushima, but any groceries and household goods are available at A-COOP within walking distance.

Q5. Are there any pharmacies nearby?

There are no pharmacies within walking distance but by taking a 20-minute bus ride, there are three ( Drug Eleven, Drug Mori and Cosmos) located near the airport in Koseda town.

Q6. Is there a hospital nearby?

Tokushukai Hospital is located within a 5-minutes' drive and 30-minutes on foot.

Q7. Do you have hiking equipments for rent?

We unfortunately do not have a rental service, but there are several rental shops within walking distance (ex. Nakagawa Sports).

Q8. Is there a quiet place to work?

Each room has a desk but you may seek to work at our co-working lounge or perhaps at our ocean-viewed terrace.

Q9. What transportation options do you offer?

Our hostel offers free rental bikes for short distances (ONLY FOR GUEST). You may also take the bus or rent a motorbike/car if you want to travel further. Bike and car rental offices are located within walking distance, please ask our staff for more details. 

​Link to the bus schedule.

Please feel free to contact us for any other questions.
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